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Last Workout – Achievement Day!

July 27, 2009

I can’t believe I waited so long to post this. Last Friday night gave me quite the achievement day at CrossFit.I did some firsts, plus some personal records. I got to love that!

First, the warm-up. One of the warm-up exercises was something new. I had to jump over a 4-ft stone fence out by the parking lot to do the “Figure 8 run.” This is about a 400 meter run, but you have to jump over the fence a couple of times in the run. Now anyone who knows me, will understand that I’m not the type who easily jumps over the fence. In fact, I’m the kind of girl who looks for the gate. In this case, I went for it. No, I didn’t jump, but I did scramble up the fence and use my upper body to hang from the fence while pulling my legs over. It was not a thing of beauty. It probably was worth a laugh watching me gamely do this. But hey, I did it. Achievement 1.

Next was the first workout: 25 box jumps. Box jumps scare the bejeebus out of me. Throwing myself into space and hoping to land on a box is crazy. I’ve been doing step-ups instead of box jumps, but Friday? I did them. I bravely threw myself up on a a 12-inch box and had no problem Don’t laugh at me. Those 12 inches took some doing. So, I was set, wasn’t I? I’d do the 25 jumps onto this measly 12-inch box. Wait a minute there. Why look! There’s an 18-inch box nearby, right next to the big tractor tires. The 12-inches seemed too simple once I went for it. Could I go higher? With Lauren and Jamie’s encouragement (two great gals at CrossFit-Flagstaff), I gave it a try. I think I figured that those tires would stop my fall. I didn’t fall. I made it with no problems. I then did the 25 box jumps on the 18-inch box. I began to tire so did a few step-ups or a pony jump (one foot hitting the box before the other) near the end, but I did at least half of them correctly. Achievment 2.

The main workout was working on our deadlifts. One rep seven times, getting heavier and heavier. My last time I did this I got up to 69k. This time? 72k. A new record for me. Even better was that I beat both Jamie and Lauren’s weight. Now I’m not super competitive, but it is disheartening sometimes how bad I am at all of this and how good everyone else is. Jamie and Lauren both do this with gusto and can do a lot of movements at a higher weight and in less time. Beating their weight felt mighty good. I wasn’t the suckiest! Achievement 3.

We then pulled the 70-75% max of our deadlift for 20 reps. I used 51k (112 lbs) and did it in one minute flat. Not bad for an “old” lady. Achievement 4.

Here’s the link to the workout. Here’s the picture of the board. Look for my name: Erin. I’m not the best, but not the worst. Quite an achievement:


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