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Saturday Workout – Annie Are You OK?

July 18, 2009

This morning’s workout at CrossFit Flagstaff left me drained. After Thursday night’s 200 squats the last thing I wanted to do was cleans with a squat and wallballs, but that’s what we had today. For this monthly free and open to the public class, a lot of new folks showed up. They may show up again…maybe. It was a hard workout.

“Annie Are You OK?” was the WOD.

21-15-9 reps of:

  • Row (aim for calories to match the rep numbers)
  • Dumbbell cleans (25 lbs prescribed) – I did 10 lbs just so I could go fast and do good form.
  • Box jumps (yeah, I did step ups – I got to get over my fear of jumping on a box)
  • Kettlebell swings – I did the 26 lb kb.
  • Burpees – still not doing full push-ups with these
  • Wallballs – 10 lb ball and not much height

With so many people we were set up in teams. Courtney and Renee, both newcomers were in my team. For newcomers they hit it hard, and proved faster and better than me at these moves.

Each team member took a station. I started on the cleans, smartly thinking that finishing up with a row would be better than trying to knock out those wallballs, burpees, or cleans as my last move. I was usually the last one finishing up one of the stations, so the other women had a chance to rest while I finished. We’d rotate to the next move when all team members finished at their station.

What a miserable workout, but also fun. Whether it was the team environment, which usually puts me in a tizzy worrying about my teammates having to wait for me, or the moments of rest on the few occasions I waited for others to wrap up their move, this workout was fun.

I’m feeling it too. My quad muscles know that I’ve done too many squat movements in the last few days and are complaining about it.

Here’s the workout as posted and pictures.

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